Engines and Powertrains

Whether it’s a complex engine or a small one, like in a leaf blower, Interface Performance Materials works with you to determine the best material choice for your sealing requirements.

  • For head-gaskets in small engine applications, Interface Performance Materials offers gaskets incorporating graphite. These high-performance gaskets create a tight seal at the cylinder head, along with excellent compressibility, resilience, bolt torque retention and chemical and heat resistance.
  • On bolted joints in small engines through automotive gasoline engines, our fiber gaskets, rubber edged gaskets, and metal gaskets provide a cost-effective sealing solution for millions of joints.
  • For axles, we provide high-performance fiber gaskets, rubber edged gaskets, and metal gaskets in lawn and garden, power sports, automotive, agriculture, commercial, and off-highway vehicles.
  • For commercial and off-highway equipment, our fiber gaskets, rubber edged gaskets, and complete solutions are used in diesel engine oil pans, front covers, valve covers, water pumps... and more to provide durable sealing solutions recognized for proven performance.
  • For heat protection in power sports, lawn and garden mufflers and outer body surfaces, our Select-A-Shield® thermal insulation products provide lower "body-side" temperature to protect heat-sensitive parts. It's a safer, more consumer-friendly choice for lawn and garden and power sports equipment
  • For thermal protection in automotive applications, our stamped metal 3-layer shielding and Select-A-Shield® thermal insulation products are used to protect vehicles from hot exhaust components. 
  • Our exhaust and high temperature sealing solutions are used in exhaust manifolds, headers and collectors — with advanced, graphite-coated composite gaskets available for EGRs.