Case Study

Transmission Oil Pan: Select-a-Seal Durability and Robustness

Rubber-on-steel Overmolded Gasket


Transmission pan gasket users were dissatisfied with the high cost of rubber-onsteel overmolded gaskets. In thermal cycling tests, the test gaskets failed in under 265 hours due to delamination around bolt holes and stress relaxation.



A Select-a-Seal® gasket, combining compression and adhesion, easily passed a customer mandated 1,000-hour thermal cycling test, and exceeded the customer's requirement by 2.5 times (at which time the test was suspended).

Test Cycle:

-40°C to 150°C Continuous Cycle, 4 hours total (6 complete cycles per day) 2 psi continuous ATF pressure, static charge non-circulating



  • Lower unit cost
  • Eliminate field complaints
  • Improve customer satisfaction